Pigeon camera

We place a mini camera (weighing only 1g!) on top of a pigeon’s head. Because the pigeon’s head is stable during flight, a video from this camera is amazingly clear. We would like to use this camera to analyze what pigeons ‘see’ during homing (collaboration with Kano Fumihito and Dora Biro).

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Robo pigeon

Video by Kazuhiro Kakuta

This ornithopter (‘robo pigeon’) flies by flapping its wings, like real birds. Pigeons get ‘fooled’ by this robo pigeon and consider it as a flock mate. We are planning to manipulate homing routes using the robo pigeon as a flock leader and test how this manipulation affects individuals and flocks.

Tandem Running

Some ant species, including Temnothorax curvispinosus, use tandem running to recruit other nestmates to a new food source or nest site. During this tandem-running recruitment, unlike the pheromone mass recruitment, a scout typically recruits only one ant at a time so that we can record in detail how information about options spreads within a colony in details.

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Ant Painting

Video by Andrew Quitmeyer, Yohan Cho and Stephen Pratt

This video demonstrates how we encode unique identifiers onto otherwise very similarly appearing ants. It serves partially as an introduction to scientific methods and problems as well as a “how-to” instructional video for budding scientists.